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Voted #1 in Central Florida by:
Orlando Sentinel, October, 2009
Orlando Sentinel Magazine "People's Choice", 2010
Orlando Weekly - Best to Impress, 2006
Orlando Sentinel Magazine "People's Choice", 2001

Food critic, Scott Joseph, and his "Pizza Panel" conducted an extensive search for the perfect pizza and based on the following qualities, chose Anthony's Pizza.

  1. A perfect crust - not too thick, not too thin. Made from a special recipe, hand tossed to size and baked in a real "New York Style" oven. Gas heated, brick bottomed and no conveyor like the other guys use. Slices big enough to fold.
  2. A sauce that is flavorful, but not too thick and has chunks of tomatoes in it.
  3. Fresh toppings - cut fresh daily. No canned mushrooms here!
  4. Cheese that is gooey, but not TOO thick or gloppy - handfuls of gooey 100% mozzarella.
  5. Spices - just enough, not too much or too little.

What could be better than these great pizzas?
Well the "Pizza Panel" said it was the friendliness (disguised with gentle ribbing and false disgruntlement).
We'll leave it up to you!

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